Light-Duty Truck Repair In West Chester, OH

Light-duty trucks fall into a category of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight under 14,000 pounds and can be subdivided into 3 classes. Light-duty trucks in class one include the Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Dakota and GMC Canyon. The Dodge Ram 1500, the Ford F-150 in class two–which can be further subdivided into classes 2a and 2b, for light and heavy duty trucks in this class, respectively. The Dodge Ram 3500, Ford F-350 and GMC Sierra 3500 and Hummer H1 exist in class three.

Medium-Duty Truck Repair In West Chester, OH

Medium-duty trucks are defined as having a gross vehicle weight over 14,000 lbs. and under 26,000 pounds. This includes classes four, five, and six. Types of automobiles in class four are the Ford F-450, Dodge Ram 4500, and the GMC 4500. Class five includes trucks such as the International TerraStar, GMC 5500, Dodge Ram 5500 and the Ford F-550. And, finally, included in class six is the International Durastar, GMC Topkick C6500 and Ford F-650.

Heavy-Duty Truck Repair In West Chester, OH

Heavy-duty trucks require a Class B license in order to operate in the US and include tractor trailer trucks. Class seven includes the GMC C7500. The class 8 category includes the heaviest trucks with a gross vehicle weight above 33,000 pounds.

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