Diesel Engine Repair In West Chester, OH

Did you know: Diesel fuel engines get better mileage than gasoline-powered engines and are adaptable to support biofuels? Because of the high energy density, diesel engine fuels are costlier.

The internal combustion process happens much the same way in diesel-powered engines as it does in gasoline, or 4-stroke, engines with the exception that the fuel is being injected directly into the combustion chamber, thereby skipping “stroke 2” and, instead, directly injects fuel into the combustion chamber. In place of a spark plug, the heat created by the compressed air ignites the fuel inside the diesel engine.

We work with JASPER Engines and Transmissions. JASPER is a specialist and associated with thousands of professional technicians and automobile repair facilities throughout the country. JASPER will remanufacture a complete selection of domestic and import diesel engines, to include: Caterpillar engine repair, Cummins engine repair, Detroit engine repair, GM engine repair, International engine repair, Isuzu engine repair, and Perkins engine repair. JASPER is a trusted installer and will remanufacture or exchange over 6,500 diesel engines this year alone!

Small Engine Repair In West Chester, OH

The engine’s primary role is to convert fuel–gasoline or diesel–to energy by a process of internal combustion. Petrol and air goes in, is ignited and energy is circulated as an explosion and this is harnessed as energy in a number of actions, or strokes.

Four Stroke Engine Repair In West Chester, OH

During the four-stroke process, the amount of air that is pulled in and expelled as exhaust is measured in liters, and increases in volume as the size of the piston increases. This is also the estimate of the highest amount of power that the engine can produce by liter as horsepower.

Engine Replacement In West Chester, OH

One of three issues is likely the root cause of engine trouble: lack of a spark, compression, or a bad fuel mix.

Bad Fuel Mix

Essentially, either the engine is getting too much of or not enough air or fuel which will result in an incomplete combustion process. This could be caused by running out of gas, a clogged valve, an impurity in the fuel, or some other problem in the fuel system.

Lack Of Compression

If the third stroke does not occur, it is because there is an issue in compression of the air and fuel mixture. This could occur if the piston rings are not properly sealed and the fuel necessary for combustion enters the piston, the valves are not closing during combustion, or there is a hole elsewhere in the cylinder. A hole here will result in fuel leaking into the cylinder.

Lack Of Spark

This is an electrical issue. If anywhere along the spark plug–or the wires that connect to it– there is a fault, the plug will create a weak spark, a late spark, or no spark at all.

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